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Dec 5, 2013 6:00am PST
environment. it used shot smarte= spotter and cameras. >> we take this data and provide it with a real-time analysis. we will look for any thing that might be suspicious. >> we take all this data and create a real time maps of where all of this may be at any alerts that may have been issued and we start looking at an analysis of the situation. >> if it is k five as a messenger. it has no weapons, it will not arrest people just catalog information to the >> it will be able to live screen does. not just the authorities but the community itself. this will give us an opportunity to effectively crowds for security. i do not care how dumb of a criminal your. if you see these run around, the likelihood is that your gourd to try to go into that area, good luck, combining all of this--the hard work, the software, all of this combined into a solution to fix the problem is energizing. >> you will start to see this in public, being tested at a share. gabe slate, kron4 >> a warning is going out to residents and nevada to make sure that the money that they're using to pay for their guests is l
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am PST
it with a real-time analysis of the social feet of that field fence area looking for anyone on the cost of esther graeme of flicker a u-2 and twitter to see if anything should be suspicious. we take all that data and then it creates a real crime time or hate to map of where all the night scope k five might've and then start looking at an overall analysis of the situation. >>: think of k five as a messenger. it has no weapons. it won't arrest people, but pass along the information to local authority's and others. and be able to live stream that to be able to see. . that gives us an opportunity to effectively crowd store's security. of that combining that and to a solution to fix a problem is energizing. science fiction and reality is looking to come next year. >>: cape slate kron 4 news. >>james: at 440 a less talk about the weather. it is freezing out there. >>anny: in fact a lot of locations are below freezing this morning. temperatures and a bottle right now. these are some of the coldest spot. napa at 19 degrees. santa rosa and 273 of vallejo your cold at 23% concord the morning till you're at
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2